Information For Librarians

Journal of Research in Open, Distance and eLearning (JRODeL) seeks to publish peer-reviewed articles on issues pertaining to ODeL. The term ODeL has been adopted and used by JRODeL to capture the philosophical, foundational and the increasingly technological aspects of the field of open, distance and e-learning. It indicates continuity with the past while also engaging with emergent developments now and in the future. It is our hope that this journal will serve both an African and global audience of researchers, academics, practitioners and students asking questions and seeking answers to the role of ODeL in addressing issues of access to relevant and quality education within the context of Africa’s socio-economic development.

The journal is available freely online as an open-access publication. The types of submissions that the journal seeks to publish include peer-reviewed original research articles, guest-edited special issues, research notes, practitioner notes, video notes, as well as book and software reviews. Articles are published in the language in which they are received—English, French or Portuguese—however, abstracts are translated and made available in all the three languages.